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Flight Experience is the world’s #1 flight simulator experience. Flight Experience was launched in Christchurch, New Zealand as the retail brand for Pacific Simulators in 2004. Since then Flight Experience has expanded its operations into nine countries with 16 outlets and has flown over 150,000 satisfied clients. By the end of 2016 there will be another three locations in three new countries.

Flight Experience London provides the opportunity for the general public to ‘fly’ a Boeing 737- 800 or Airbus A320 (coming late 2018) flight simulator. With the aid of a qualified instructor, clients can fly into and out of many airports around the world. They will experience exactly what it’s like to take off and land two of the world’s most popular airliners which are in use with the majority of major airlines globally.

Flight Experience London has been moving towards more professional products and services such as pilot training, Fear of Flying programs, corporate events and courses for schools and colleges through Groundschool London. The simulators are the latest ProJet PS4.5 series device (B737-800) from Pacific Simulators in Christchurch, New Zealand and FNPT II (A320) from Vier Im Pott in Germany. Both of which are built with a combination of OEM aircraft parts and aftermarket technology. They could best be described as state-of-the-art, fixed base training devices. They are fully tactile, fully-functional, enclosed trainers based on the Boeing 737NG or Airbus A320 family.


About Flight Experience London

Customers enter the Flight Simulator and discover the cockpit of a B737-800 or A320 aircraft – it is in fact a reproduction of a real aircraft Flight Deck. The Simulator incorporates computer systems which are so realistic they are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The Flight Simulator is not a game. You are totally immersed inside the simulation. Inside the cockpit customers experience the sound and look of an aircraft with visual references to what appears to be the real world outside.


The key to making the Flight Simulator work is the wraparound HD visual environment and the high fidelity of the panels and instrumentation. As your brain focuses on the horizon and mountains; it hears the wind, engine noise, cooling systems and sound systems. Add in a slight vibration in the seat, and the brain thinks the environment feels, looks and sounds like a cockpit, so for all intent and purpose you are in the cockpit. It is so realistic that some people experience slight motion sickness.


The extensive computer systems ensure the ‘pilot’ can fly anywhere in the world and land at any chosen airport. When a client enters the simulator, they look out of the windows and see a virtual world – you’re at the gate, the aerobridge is docked to your aircraft; the windsock blowing in the breeze next to the runway indicates your current weather conditions, as highly-realistic clouds drift overhead. You identify your current city by the realistic landmarks around you.

What's It Like For Our Customers?

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Flight Experience London is a trading name of NP Simulations UK Ltd

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